Connect Every Point of Your Business with MTC

MTC Sales
Maximize Your Sales

Sales Order Management: Automate your Quotation , Ordering & Invoice Process and focus on business growth
CRM:  Record customers’ information to purchase history – every details about their preferences and give them better customer experience
Point of Sales (POS): Avoid out-of-stocks, missed sale opportunities, and disappointed customers across all of your point-of-sale locations with integrated  inventory
Email Marketing: Harness the power of Email Marketing  & build and retain your customer base

MTC Operations
Streamline Your Operations

Inventory Management : Keep inventory perfectly synced across multiple warehouses, get real-time insights and control stock allocation
Financial Management : Generate P&L balance sheet on demand, Get real-time financial insight through your entire business and expand through cross-border trade with multi-currency support
Purchase Order & Supplier Management : Easily Manage your suppliers and procurement process with centralized purchase order management
Warehouse & Fulfillment : Reduce Order Fulfillment Latency and simplify complex order processing with multi-location warehouse management system
Document Management : Save time recording bills, scanning contracts, approving documents, and become a paperless company.

MTC Delivery
Deliver it Efficiently

Job Schedule Management : Get Better Visibility from Job Schedule Calendar and allocate jobs more efficiently to the employees
Route Management: Reduce mileage run and create the best route plan for delivery and track it real-time
Proof of Delivery: From Product Delivery to Customer Feedback, record every details of delivery process digitally and improvise the delivery following the insights
Contractor Management: Manage Contractors easily and allocate and track their job assignments efficiently
Employee App: Field Employees can easily update job status , get notifications about jobs , upload customer order and POD data  using the mobile app

MTC Add ons
Make it More

Website: Create Modern Customer Portal and connect it with Sales, CRM, Inventory and get the entire business solution
Mobile App: Partnering with Webkon, MyteamConnector brings PWA Apps that are lightweight ,  easy to market and works on any device
ECommerce: Build Magento , Woocommerce storefront and sync them with your multi-location inventory and keep stock updated and properly allocated across the stores

MyTeamConnector – Connecting all the dots

  • Speed Up Your Sales Order Processes
  • Streamline Your Business Operations
  • Manage Suppliers and Purchase Orders
  • Delight Your Customers with Fast, Accurate Delivery
  • Win Your Customers with Personalized Offers

Industries We Serve
From Wholesalers to Retailers , Restaurants to Service Providers - MTC fits Every Industry


MyTeamConnector helps logistics businesses to deliver fast and flexible fulfillment across their entire operation. It streamlines fulfillment for teams by automating time-consuming tasks like order splitting, warehouse routing, and shipment updates to help their team save time and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Wholesale & Distribution

MyTeamConnector is designed to efficiently manage and grow wholesale & distribution businesses. From complex order fulfillment to flexible pricing & invoicing options , enhanced customer communication to accurate delivery process, MTC works as all-in-one solution for every business.

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MyTeamConnector is the perfect complement to the physical or ecommerce store of a Retail Business. Through real-time order, automatic inventory updates, rules-based order fulfillment, automated shipping and invoicing, fully monitored and optimized delivery, your entire business process can be streamlined.

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MyTeamConnector helps restaurant businesses to give customers the delicious dining experience.  Updating stock real-time, managing the tables from Point of Sales, Menu Designing, Painless table reservation from an app, digitized customer feedback make the MTC a perfect fit for restaurants.

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MyTeamConnector helps in storing of customer information in real-time that facilitates the sales team to well establish their potential leads. It optimizes and automates the order and collection process and helps in increasing productivity. It helps in sales call scheduling and job assignments.

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MyTeamConnector helps Service related businesses by allocating the task based on pin code, area, availability, customers, proximity. Field Service Employees can access job, update job completion status, get GPS directions for the next job. Back office managers get an instant report about every status of a job.

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Boost Your Sales :  MTC helps businesses to maximize their sales by giving customers a better experience
Reduce Cost & Streamline Operations : Automated, Synchronized operational processes help businesses to streamline operations and increase happy quotient of employees


Download MTC Apps
Operate Your Business
from Anywhere

With CRM and PoD app,  MyTeamConnector simplifies all operation and delivery processes of your employees. MTC helps your team to connect with your customers faster and keep them always satisfied.

Our Latest Testimonials

It has helped us to increase efficiency so we can focus on building client relationships. MTC has provided us the best ROI for what we wanted to achieve.


This MTC product is very easy to use. What a great customer service! I like how it marks your current position, track job, allows to record customer’s reviews.


MTC gave us what we needed; a simple, reliable, and affordable way to schedule works online. MTC allows us to increase proficiency and work output for each indivdual.


It has helped us to increase efficiency so we can focus on building client relationships. MTC has provided us the best ROI for what we wanted to achieve.