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Blockchain is becoming a more and more relevant topic in IT data security and for good reasons. It is one of the safest methods to preserve your data privacy and with the increasing number to cyber attacks, you shouold consider to upgrade your security game.

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized encryption technology that creates large sets of data by continuously adding more and more blocks of new data.

This will create a chain of data blocks, hence the name Blockchain, until the sets are too big to be processed properly. In this case, the set will be wrapped up, stored securely and a new set of blocks is created. The cycle starts all over again.

Blockchains are considered to be one of the safest encryption technologies of our time and thats because the chains of blocks are stored on multiple different mediums that are geographically distant. All mediums carry the identical set of data, thats why corruption of data through cyber attacks would require the occupation of all storage mediums.

This innovation makes data theft almost impossible. Therefore, Blockchain is considered to be one of the most secure technologies of our time.

How does it differ from a cloud-based service?

A cloud-based service processes the fed data not on multiple physical servers but rather via wireless connections.

These wireless connections are prone to cyber-attacks despite additional security measurements.

Both methods are continuously updated so that every operational device is stocked up with the latest data.

The main difference is that Blockchain stores and processes your data on multiple different servers which makes the corruption of files extremely difficult.

How we can help you

Our specialized employees are well trained in the field of blockchain implementation and have successfully realized multiple applications so far. We will get to know your company and consider its specific needs for the programming of your customized blockchain system. You will experience a smooth and barely noticeable transition.

Our most recent project was ordered by none other than the KSW AIRBUS FACILITY MANAGEMENT. We are proud to have the trust of a successful partner like KSW, from which we have only received positive feedback.

For more information about our most recent and successful collaboration, please refer to our case study page.

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