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Promote your product strategically on a digital billboard

The Next Generation Of Marketing
Promote your products with advertisements on digital billboards that are visible to thousands of people every day. Stay up-to-date with your marketing strategy but with less effort. We will take the burden off your shoulders and make sure your products and service are seen by the public.

Make your products and services visible

With increasing competition among various industries and the increasing digitalization, it is important to precisely market your product in the right places to gain maximum attention.

MyTeamConnector operates multiple different smart billboards that display ads and commercials from various companies on certain times of the day.

Our billboards are located in convenient areas that provide excessive exposure to the public eye. Simply run the ad you want the world to see!

Whether your products and services are display on the highway or in shopping mall areas, you cann be sure that hundreds of eyes will see what you have to offer.

Choose a time slot that matches your budget

Take the chance to rent a time slot for one of our smart billboards and make your products visible to thousands of people each day!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup with limited funds or an empire with tremendous financial capabilities, we have time slots for every budget.

We will help you to maximise exposure of your products and services and contribute to the growth of your business.

Customize your experience

Our solution offers you countless features that will improve your marketing experience and lift this burden off your shoulders.

With MTCs Digital Billboard you can set up a schedule that is customized to your need, receive real-time updates and notifications and upload new content from anywhere in the world through the cloud service.

It has never been this easy to handle marketing as with MyTeamConnector, so let us help you.

If you are ready to go public with your products and services, kindly leave us a message and we will get back to you!

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