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every building needs a strong base, the same applies to the IT structure
There are plenty of aspects that are vital to the management of a facility. Inventory, maintenance, transportation are all determining factors for the efficiency of an establishment. MyTeamConnector has the solution for all of your worries.

Simple task assignment

MyTeamConnector helps you to efficiently manage your facilities in an all-in-one software. No more stressful tracking of tasks to be done and maintenance schedule to be made.

Simply add all the necessary information, such as type of facility and number of staff members, to our system and let the facility management software do the magic.

With our tool, it will be super easy to add tasks to the schedule and keep track of the money and time spent on each duty.

Know your inventory

With the MyTeamConnector facility management software, you will also have the opportunity to easily keep track of your inventory.

Personalized QR codes help your staff to easily edit the quantities in the current inventory, simply by scanning the code with any usual smartphone or scanning device.

If you run low on any standard inventory items, you will receive a notification and directly order new goods online with one click. Additionally, you can manage newly arrive shipments in the software as well to have a good overview off your stock.

All operations under one roof

All you need is the facility management software from MyTeamConnector and all the tasks necessary to successfully handle facilities with ease are right in front of you.

No more complicated coordination between different operations, with our software solution you can work more efficient and save time and money through the highly-efficient optimization analysis.

If you are interested to enhance the capabilities of your facility, kindly drop us a message and let’s have a casual chat about your opportunities.

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