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Taking care of dynamic operations can be tough but don't worry, we are here to help you supervise, analyze and optimize your fleet to make it as efficient as possible.

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Operations that are as dynamics as fleet processes can be difficult to manage efficiently and economically. Our fleet management solution helps businesses to keep track of their vehicles, supervise functionality and administer with ease.

With the help of a vehicle profile for each carrier, managers and drivers can check the status of the engine, fuel efficiency, important records and other documents that are helpful to maintain a fully functional vehicle.

The integrated cloud service helps managers to access the software and important information on the go. Businesses receive live updates on the fleets location, status and alerts in case of any damages or inconveniences along the way.

Plan ahead strategically

To manage your fleet efficiently you must be able to find out where each of your vehicles is currently located and where it is heading to next. With the help of the fleet management solution of My Team Connector, you can track any of your vehicles and check their status, current purpose of use and next allocation. This feature allows businesses to supervise operations without the hassle of checking each factor on its own.

Our efficient software solution also helps you to allocate your employees to each fleet based on business optimization processes to make use of your fleet as productively as possible. Through the analysis of our software, the optimization will save you costs and time by assigning tasks the most economical way.

Keep your data safe

Since full functionality is a crucial factor in the performance of fleet operations, our software helps you maintain your fleet and alert you immediately in real-time in the case of an incident or damage. Our fleet management solution will then guide the employee in charge to the closest workshop to take care of the damage.

With MTC you do not only keep your vehicles safe but also your data. MTC utilizes the highly-secure blockchain technology for all software products and business solutions to encrypt your data and protect it from unauthorized eyes.

Essentially, Blockchain stores your data on multiple servers in different locations to prevent theft and corruption. If you would like to find out more about the security technologies we are using for our product, please refer to the respective pages on our website.

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