Liqui Moly Asia Pacific and MyTeamConnector Software, enters into a strategic technology Partnership with effect from 11th of March 2019.


Liqui Moly Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Managing Director of LMAP: Lars Weber) has announced a strategic partnership with MyTeamConnector Software (CEO: Krish Ghosh, hereafter MTC), a leading provider of Software Solutions across various Industries.
The parties stated above agree to enter into a strategic Partnership with the purpose to foster, implement and interconnect Liqui Moly Asia Pacific and its subsidiaries in digitally transformative and innovative ways. The goal is to provide a strategic, technological advantage to enable synergies as well as vastly improved data mining and processing capabilities across the value chain.
The objective of the Partnership is to change the level of digital interconnectivity between the independent aftermarket, Liqui Moly Asia Pacific and its subsidiaries to assure and achieve cross-platform, multi-directional communication amongst the various stakeholders of the operations and the various offices across South East Asia.
The IT solutions engineered and developed by MyTeamConnector Software Pvt. Ltd (Kolkata, India) and MyTeamConnector Pte Ltd (Singapore) shall serve as the central tool of coordination to enable an otherwise decentralised modus operandi and to retain the operational independence of LMAP’s operating companies and subsidiaries.
Liqui Moly Asia Pacific and MTC will continue to strengthen their joint activities by creating advanced and unique products for pro-active business development, team/stakeholder connectivity and field force management.
Liqui Moly Asia Pacific and MyTeamConnector are looking forward to a strong and fruitful strategic partnership.

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