Purchase Order & Supplier Management
Manage suppliers, purchasing and incoming inventory

Optimize your supply chain with purchase order tracking

Efficient purchase order and supply chain management are essential if you’re going to get products to market quickly, reduce supplier disputes and make smart buying choices. As your business expands, you’ll want to track purchases and receiving of inventory across multiple timezones and different countries, which means that you’ll need efficient systems in place which could support multi-location purchasing without problems. MyTeamConnector centralizes all your inventory, income, sales, accounting and reporting statistics into one single platform, permitting you to reliably forecast demand and prevent overextending on slow moving items. From forecasting demand to maintaining right product costs and margins, MyTeamConnector ’s purchase order monitoring and supplier management solution allows you to successfully optimize your supply chain.

Centralized purchase order management

MyTeamConnector combines all your sales, inventory and purchase order data into one single business management system to provide you with all the reports you need to forecast demand and make effective purchasing decisions.

Use this data to create smart buying strategies, avoid running low on inventory and quickly identify slow moving or low profit product lines. With centralized software, you can also ensure you have effective team collaboration across large purchasing and merchandising teams.

And as all of your data is centralized, all of the order history and interactions you have with your suppliers – from emails, to call notes – are logged against supplier contact records. This ensures you and your team always know the latest on when orders (and payments) are due, allowing you to maintain productive and positive relationships with your suppliers.

Automatic purchase orders & drop-ship automation

Automatically reorder products that are running low on inventory through easy to use reorder quantities, reorder levels, low inventory reports and automatic purchase orders. This efficiently speeds up your purchase management process, freeing-up valuable time to be spent on actually selling the products.

Whether you purchase off the back of sales orders, buy inventory or drop-ship, MyTeamConnector offers flexible purchase order management. Create drop-ship purchase orders as required to fulfill your orders, whether drop-shipping is a key part of your current business processes, or whether you just need to fulfill orders you may not have enough available inventory for.

Multi-location purchasing & deliveries

Through an efficient purchase order management system and integrated warehousing, you can use multi-location purchasing to ensure deliveries are being routed to the correct warehouse and where goods are most needed within the business.

And with flexible options to transfer inventory between warehouses, you will be able to reduce cash that is tied up in inventory, rather than buying fresh goods every single time. Furthermore, all transfers and deliveries are tracked within MyTeamConnector, ensuring inventory accuracy, transparency across the business and minimal disputes with suppliers.

You will also be able to track product quality by using returns data, ensuring you’re only working with the very best and most reliable suppliers.

FIFO accounting & landed-cost

We know that you’ll always need to know the true costs of goods you trade, whilst recognizing costs and revenue at the right time. MyTeamConnector makes this easy via automated First In First Out (FIFO) inventory cost management and a sophisticated landed-cost module.

The integrated landed-cost module tracks costs that are often overlooked, such as freight charges, import duty, insurance and taxes. This means that you and your team will always know exactly how profitable your products are – especially when buying and selling overseas – allowing you to scale your business through cross-border trade effectively.

Accounts payable management

Keep on top of which suppliers you owe money to and when with MyTeamConnector’s integrated accounts payable management. Contact suppliers, add notes and record payments via the same report without the need for multiple clicks across separate screens, saving you valuable time and effort. MyTeamConnector’s accounts payable is also integrated with real-time accounting, ensuring the reports you use are always up-to-the-minute and accurate.

Purchasing & EDI integrations

MyTeamConnector integrates with a range of platforms and technology suppliers to permit you to optimize your supply chain effectively.

Check your supplier pricing and  merchandise from different suppliers with efficiency integrate with leading EDI providers to assist scale and contour your supply chain management, use forecasting and demand tools, or even integrate  with your own different systems and suppliers through MyTeamConnector’s powerful open supply API.


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It has helped us to increase efficiency so we can focus on building client relationships. MTC has provided us the best ROI for what we wanted to achieve.

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