Revolutionize your Property Sales

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2.09.2019 admin Business

Revolutionize your Property Sales

Property agents in Singapore face an uphill task of managing prospective buyers and sellers of properties. Here are some common problems that can be easily solved by creating your own Progressive Web App (PWA).


1. Spending too much on PropertyGuru, Straits Times and other marketing channels

All that expenses on property listings, ads and flyers add up!


Whenever property agents have a new listing, a considerable amount of time and money needs to be spent on creating listings on popular property platforms and on boosting traffic.

Furthermore, the budget that is spent on that particular listing does not translate over to the next listing. With a Progressive Web App (PWA) you can over time build organic traffic to your own website/webapp and spread out your marketing budget expense over all your listings.

This results in a lower average cost per listing and a higher return on investment.

2. Qualifying Leads and Coordinating appointments/viewings between prospective buyers and sellers

Take control of your own marketing efforts with your own personalized PWA

The First step of every sales process is always qualifying your leads.

Get all the essential details of a prospect efficiently using a Chatbot

Using an Automated Chatbot, you can quickly get information about your prospect such as Buy/Rent, Budget, Property Type, Area, Size to help you in your lead qualification process. Such information will help you make better recommendations for your client before a meetup.


A large amount of time is spent arranging viewings between prospects and sellers and worst, rescheduling should one party not be able to make it.

A Progressive Web App can have a built in appointment booking system to allow both parties to send appointment requests with real time updates on cancellations and changes.

Also, a built in messenger feature allows you to track past conversations with both buyers and sellers for your easy reference.

3. Not getting enough referrals from past or existing clients

Allow the sharing of your customized PWA through a URL. Capture reviews and feedback from past or existing clients

Tapping into referrals from your past clients is a good way to get warm leads and these prospects will be more likely to close a deal with you.

Your Progressive Web App can send automated thank you emails for past customers and also allow them to leave a positive testimonial or review to publish on your homepage.


4. Not getting enough data on your performance

Make the most of of your day with advanced data analytics on your performance

PWAs have the ability to track data analytics like traffic, sources, engagement on pages and service requests.

By exporting reports, you will be able to more productively manage your time in areas that show potential and also find out what you are missing from your portfolio. Use Data Analytics to track your performance and measure your targets and goals.


5. Manually sending messages to prospects for a suitable listing

Send automated push notifications to your clients with targeted messages

Prospects have different needs e.g Budget, Location, Housing Type, Rental/Sale, Size etc. With targeted Push Notifications, you can simplify this process by automatically sending out new listings to users who have indicated their preferences.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the leading new technology combining the features of a native app and website for multiple devices and operating systems and will be the foundation of all digital commerce globally.

Widespread rollouts are expected through the next few years from various industries.

Up your property game today! Contact us to get started on your own PWA Solution.