DigiByte and Blockchain

Keep Your Data Safe With The Latest Technology

Have you heard about the latest trends in data security?
Innovative technologies like DigiByte and Blockchain are filling the market for a good reasons. With their highly secure system, they keep their customers data safe and protect them from possible cyber attacks.

Keep your data safe with Blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralized encryption technology that creates large sets of data by continuously adding more and more blocks of new data.

This will create a chain of data blocks, hence the name Blockchain, until the sets are too big to be processed properly. In this case, the set will be wrapped up, stored securely and a new set of blocks is created. The cycle starts all over again.

Blockchains are considered to be one of the safest encryption technologies of our time and thats because the chains of blocks are stored on multiple different mediums that are geographically distant. All mediums carry the identical set of data, thats why corruption of data through cyber attacks would require the occupation of all storage mediums.

The successful occupation of all mediums and corruption of the data is therefore highly unlikely.

Real-time proesses with high security levels

The different mediums are updated in real-time to ensure that all the mediums carry the identical data and, consequently, provide high security standards.

This makes data theft almost impossible and, therefore, Blockchain is considered to be one of the most secure innovations of our time.

MyTeamConnector is utilizing this crypto technology to improve out software solutions and provide a high-quality service to our customers.

But Blockchain isn’t the only safety precaution MyTeamConnector is using. We are also working together with DigiByte, a blockchain provider which protects¬†objects of value like currency, information, property.

Increase data safety with Digi-ID

Our friends from DigiByte developed an amazing tool that replaces the conventional log in using a username and a password.

DigiByte’s Digi-ID essentially creates a virtual fingerprint of the auhtorized person and with the help of a two-step verification, the access is complety secure and only available to the person in charge.

The log in cannot be duplicated and, consequently, cannot be utilized by unauthorized eyes.

For more information, head over to DigiByte website about their safety tool.

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