Forget About Bulky Supermarket Shelves

Great products should be placed in smart shelves

How can a shelf be smart?
MyTeamConnector's smart shelves have an integrated display that shows product specific information, measures the customers reaction and analyzes the the customers behaviour..

More than just a shelf

Most stores, such as supermarkets, use old metal shelves to display their products conveniently. This approach served their needs well back in the days when all that was needed was the direct access to the products.

But these days, companies have to stay ahead of the game and smartly place their products and we can help you with that burden!

MyTeam Connector provides the Smart Shelf which not only presents your products efficiently but also analyzes the customers’ behaviour and reaction towards the goods.

Based on these observations, the Smart Shelf Software will provide a detailed analysis and make recommendations for the future.

Measures emotions

What makes the shelf so smart is the integrated sensor that measures the emotions shown by the potential customer when they pick up a product.

It can sense up to 16 different emotions, such as anger, delight or astonishment.
Businesses need to know as much as possible about the customers’ perception of their product to adapt it to their expectations and needs.

The Smart Shelf, therefore, can be used as a passive market research tool to determine the consumers’ attitude towards your product.

Displays important information

The Smart Shelf also displays data that is relevant to the customer once he or she picks up a product.

If, for example, your customer picks up a bottle of your most popular Iced Tea from the shelf, the display integrated into the back of the rack will show the consumer that this beverage is 10% off today.

The sensors do the rest of the job and assess the customers’ reaction and process the gathered data into an analysis for future predictions.

Sounds like something you would like to use to upgrade your sales? Then kindly drop us a message and let’s have a casual chat about your options.

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