MyTeamConnectorSmart Warehousing

Smart Warehousing

A Mobile Operated Logistics facility for offshore businesses

Overcome Geographical boundaries for your Logistics operations
MTC's Smart Warehousing Solutions allow you to utilize an asset such as a vehicle or unmanned storage facility to convert it to a fully functioning and secure Mobile Warehouse for your business

Eliminate high fixed costs with traditional warehousing

With traditional logistics and warehousing solutions, a high cash investment is often necessary to lease warehouse space, hire manpower and fixtures required in a warehouse. Even with third party logistics operators, a long term contract may not be ideal for all companies.

MTC Smart Warehousing is an ideal cost effective solution

With a small investment of an asset such as a van or digital lockers, MTC Smart Warehousing can allow businesses to quick deploy logistic operations in multiple locations for your business with as little manpower as possible

Customizable for your industry

MTC Smart Warehousing Solutions can adapt to the various needs of your industry in terms of workflow, operational policies and procedures. We also have the ability to integrate our solution into existing systems via API to ensure a smooth transitional period for your business

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